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In the same way that smartphones and tablets revolutionized the mobile commerce industry, cloud computing is changing is changing the way that the financial industry operates today. More than ever, financial firms are realizing the benefits of cloud computing, which include cost savings, security, scalability, and time to market.

The NanoCloud system offers enhanced security for your sensitive financial data when compared to traditional on-premise systems. Nanotek has built the NanoCloud infrastructure on enterprise-quality equipment that was previously only available to the largest financial firms in the industry.  Our high-performance data hosting includes multiple intra-daily backups to ensure that there is no single point of failure; data is stored in “redundant” locations, minimizing the threat of catastrophic server crash or hardware malfunctions.

NanoCloud makes your financial firm more agile in today’s dynamic market. Employees are no longer tethered to their office chairs; client files and financial records can now be accessed from any device with Internet connectivity and the appropriate security clearances. NanoCloud will grow with your company; if your financial firm experiences a spike in activity, you can adjust your service plan to accommodate this growth.

NanoCloud will reduce your company’s infrastructure. Migrating to the NanoCloud with your company means that you can reduce the volume of onsite infrastructure currently being stored. You’ll also be able to share liability with qualified partners, cut out the hassle of procuring hardware and software, and reduce your overall costs in the process. The days of having to buy multiple servers and support equipment are over; take the money you were spending on servers, storage space, maintenance, and utilities, and invest it where it counts.