IT Support Services

Successful enterprises demand top-tier IT providers. Most tech consultant, disaster recovery, and cloud-based services were not designed to accommodate the rigours of enterprise IT; typically, these services are more commonly used to process relatively low volume transactions, supporting department-level workloads. But Nanotek IT services are far from typical.

Nanotek offers an enterprise-worthy service that can optimize your entire organizational operation. Our services for enterprise-level companies include:

  • Isolating, sharing, or securing customer data with enterprise-grade cloud architecture
  • Maximizing your uptime and guarding against the consequences of hardware malfunction and system failure by hosting all vital information in a geographically-distinct data center
  • Rapid modification of your service package to suit enterprises of any scale
  • Consolidating systems by leveraging a single architecture with a user-friendly interface, code base, and upgrade process
  • Increasing your compliance with industry standards; Nanotek has achieved the highest level of industry certification