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NanoCloud will change the way you interact with clients and colleagues alike, increasing your firm’s mobility, efficiency, flexibility, security, and cost savings with a simplified, scalable office solution.

Streamline remote meetings and client consultations with NanoCloud services. Get the full desktop experience on the go, whether you’re working from your laptop, phone, or tablet. Access important legal documents, case information, and digital office archives from anywhere. Improve your firm’s efficiency by eliminating the need to rifle through filing cabinets ever again.

Share data for long-distance collaboration, without ever having to worry about compromising the confidentiality of your case. NanoCloud exceeds the legal industry’s stringent security and data protection standards. We safeguard your sensitive information with cutting-edge encryption, continuous data protection, and regular reports on user activity, going above and beyond the established security protocol to keep your clients and colleagues safe.

Save money and manhours with expert software management and centralized applications. NanoCloud all but eliminates time and dollar investments needed to maintain company computers. Our account managers can handle any technical issues that may arise, meaning you don’t have to waste money hiring in-house IT specialists. With the help of our experienced and highly-motivated team, you’ll minimize office downtime, so that clients in need are never kept waiting, and your firm can stay profitable at all times.

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