Utilizing NanoCloud Services to Build Your Remote Organization

Since the pandemic, the culture of remote work has accelerated. Many organizations are now seeing the benefits of having their company operate remotely as the levels of efficiency have increased.

More than 50% of organizations are operating on the cloud resulting in employees being able to seamlessly access all kinds of data. Collaboration with other team members have become even easier with the enablement of information access on-the-go. There is no need to wait for a couple weeks before the IT team can deliver you the required data – now your small or large enterprise have more control not to mention flexibility.


A few benefits of Cloud Computing are:

1.) System scaling: With cloud computing for remote workers you have the option to upscale or downscale your organization at any time whether more CPUs or memory power is needed for extra cloud computing, or you can downscale if you realize your company’s workload is not heavy.

2.) Accessibility: Remote workers are able to access their files 24/7 allowing them to stay close to necessary data. Your cloud administrator can set certain permissions and secure authentication protocols to ensure the correct person has access to the files they need. This way, your data is protected from threats and vulnerabilities that occur from in-house data centers.

3.) Offline Mobility: One of the major benefits of cloud computing is when your workers are unsure of internet connections and may face outages they can download files in advance and access them without any problem. This ensures no interruptions in operations due to internet connectivity.

4.) Enhanced Collaboration: By having certain tools handy such as Google Docs or DropBox Docs all team members are able to work on the same document as the same time. In addition other cloud computing tools also allow users to connect and communicate through messages and built-in communication apps. Being able to coordinate better and create an integrated plan of work will access the information on cloud servers has increased efficiency greatly


Cloud computing remote working is a secure way to move your organization to flexible work culture. Here at Nanotek Consulting Corp. our experts can migrate your data to the cloud seamlessly making it easier to manage and be in control of your information 24/7. We simplify if for you and ensure all security measures are taken. Leave it to us and your enterprise will see the benefits in no time.


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