NanoCloud Services

What is the Cloud?

At the simplest level, cloud computing is a way to consolidate all IT services (desktops, data, emails, VoIP, databases, etc…) in a centralized facility, and making those services available worldwide over the Internet to any connected user.

Why would you care?

Cloud computing delivers greater value-per-dollar than traditional client-server networks, all while making your applications, files and other services available from any Internet-connected device, rather than having to work exclusively from a specific computer at the office.

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With NanoCloud, you can:

• Cut software costs by centralizing applications, reducing licensing costs and simplifying patching and updates
• Keep your data in one place and access it from anywhere, and share information with 3rd parties in a secure manner
• Run your favorite Windows program while connecting from your Mac, watch Flash videos on your iPad, or run Microsoft Office on your Android device – none of which is possible with traditional computing
• All but eliminate time and dollar investments in maintaining company computers
• Exercise complete control of your data & files, and obtain reports of user activity
• Rapidly add new users, services and storage to accommodate ever-changing requirements

Watch our short video to see how the cloud can simplify technology and give you a full desktop experience regardless if you’re at the office, working from home on a laptop, or travelling abroad using your tablet.

Depending on your specific requirements and objectives, Nanotek can host your complete cloud experience in our own datacentre, or we can build you an in-house cloud on your own hardware. Our consultants can assist you in identifying determining factors and addressing concerns with any approach under consideration.

Hosted Cloud Solutions

Our hosted cloud solutions enable businesses to rapidly transition to the cloud and reap the benefits without capital costs or logistical issues associated with building your own secure, available network. Working on our cloud comes with the assurance of industry-standard security measures and encryption of data in transit, as well as continuous data protection and easy access via any Internet-connected device. We tailor solutions to each client to yield the best results while staying within your budget. You can choose from any or all of the following NanoCloud services to build your custom package:

• Application hosting – MS Office, QuickBooks, Sage, CRM, etc…
• Data hosting – high-performance storage with multiple intra-daily backups
• Virtual Desktops – connect to a full Windows desktop from any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
• Website & DNS hosting – resources to run your website and database, and reliable name resolution for your visitors

On-Premises (in-house) Cloud Solutions

When you have to deal with multiple IT resource requirements on a day-to-day basis and need to have high levels of control over your IT infrastructure, the limits of public cloud computing start showing. There may be regulations that you have to adhere to that need you to keep your IT infrastructure in-house. And you’ve decided you do not want to share resources on the cloud. How can you still leverage the benefits of the cloud for higher efficiency and scalability without compromising security?

That’s easy, look to create your own Enterprise cloud. We will deploy our considerable expertise as a leader in this space to help you set it up on your own hardware, providing the main benefits of cloud computing while still retaining absolute control over your applications, data & services. Here are some of the reasons lots of large organizations are doing just that: distributed datacenters, legacy systems, challenges in deploying new applications, scaling under budget constraints and lack of agility.