Find yourself asking “what kind of VoIP phone system do I need”? Want to cut telephony costs, not features?

Meet NanoVoice, a true all-in-one VoIP phone system that delivers all the collaborative features of an enterprise-level IP/PBX at a fraction of the cost!

VoIP Telephony Solutions for a Modern Workforce

As a global 3CX partner in Toronto, Nanotek is uniquely qualified to help you determine your current and future needs. We deliver mobile telephony solutions that will fit any business from five employees to 5,000, and unify your workforce across multiple geographic locations.

Utilizing SIP-based technology will free you from conventional phone lines (and expensive conventional phone bills) while taking advantage of the latest and greatest features like built-in chat, presence, phone and video conferencing, soft phone mobile apps, and Unified Messaging; all at no extra charge!

The system is so easy to use and configure that you can add extensions and make routine changes from your desktop rather than relying on costly support engineers. It is hands-free and fully voice-controlled so you can easily change appointments, respond to voicemails or make inter-office calls while on the road.

You will never miss an important call again while experiencing the true mobility of a phone system designed for today’s fast paced world. With all North American calling included you will easily be able to forecast your telephony costs. Add on international dialing for mere pennies a minute.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote without the technical jargon!