Nano Spam

AntiSpam solutions for businesses from 20 users to 120,000

6over-07NanoSpam is antispam email software designed for businesses of all sizes. For challenging email environments that include enterprises, campuses, and ISPs, NanoSpam filters email efficiently, effectively and affordably.

With NanoSpam, administrators block spam by configuring the system and setting global policies centrally then making them available to end-users, who enroll via a web interface.

The NanoSpam AntiSpam Solution Provides:

  •  Customizable and scalable spam and virus protection
  •  Automatic updates on spam software
  •  Inbound and outbound mail scanning
  •  Per-user Bayesian analysis, whitelists, blacklists, rules and quarantines
  •  Simple Administration

Providing extensive end-user controls, NanoSpam users can choose from a customizable list of spam filtering options such as high, medium, or low spam scanning, or choose the ‘Expert Interface’ for more granular controls.

NanoSpam is a spam protection solution that is being used by companies with 20-120,000 email users.