Nano Archiver

The Three Archiving Problems

6over-071. Archiving

  •  All messages must be stored safely. This includes inbound, outbound and internal email
  •  Deduplicate and compress messages to save disk space
  •  Encrypt the archive to avoid unintentional disclosure

2. Searching

  •  Searches must be easy for end users
  •  Experts must have flexible search options

3. Compliance

  •  Organizations must be able to set their own email retention policies
  •  All archive accesses must be audited
  •  Archive integrity must be maintained
  •  Regulatory requirements (HIPAA, SOX, etc…) must be respected

NanoArchiver is an email archiving software solution perfect for small and medium businesses, and addresses all major pain points of an email archiving system.

Advantages of the NanoArchiver Software

1. Cost-effective in-house archiving solution
2. Reduce e-mail related storage issues on your mail server
3. Set your own e-mail retention periods