6over-07Nanotek offers comprehensive security auditing and vulnerability analysis of network infrastructure, servers and workstations, applications and websites, allowing you to find security holes before an attacker compromises your perimeter or applications.

Managed Security Services

Safeguarding corporate data is a top priority for every company, but managing the right technologies and strategies is no easy task, especially when you consider the complexity of modern attacks and the frequency of high-profile security breaches.

Nanotek Managed Security Services provide peace of mind by offering comprehensive protection, intrusion detection, proactive monitoring, and around-the-clock maintenance of your corporate network. Offering resilient and scalable network security, these services use industry-leading platforms and advanced security standards to provide you with access to the Internet while restricting others from accessing your corporate network.

We can provide a full range of security management service across your organization, or can augment your existing in-house resources to provide expert advice and analysis of your security posture, incident response and exploit remediation. Whether you need an internal assessment of your security posture, an analysis of user behaviour, or clear picture of exposure for your public-facing services, Nanotek’s security services can help provide you proactive results and measurable improvements on the resiliency of your enterprise to withstand malicious attacks on your assets and users.

On-Site Audits

Nanotek carries out customized assistance of your business risks, key business requirements, development of security policies and procedures, and analysis of exposure and risks.

We thoroughly assess the complete picture, from your internet connection and provider, to your network equipment, configuration, change management, company procedures and security mechanisms ranging from traditional monitoring devices to elastic cloud-based security solutions for detecting and responding to real-time threats.

Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing

It is well worth the effort and expense of implementing secure systems and procedures for your networks and staff, but how do you know they’re doing what they’re supposed to do? How can you be sure by patching one hole, that another didn’t open up?

Vulnerability analysis and penetration testing simulate an actual attack on your exposed services, without the intent of performing any malicious activities. This empowers you to uncover weaknesses in your network design or user training and remediate the exposure before its leveraged by a malicious attacker.

Combined with detailed reporting and correlated with industry-wide software vulnerability databases and information repositories, we can give you a clear picture of where you are most at risk, the type of risk and potential damage if exploited, as well as provide remediation for known vulnerabilities.

Remediation and Mitigation

So a hacker exploited a .NET vulnerability and compromised your webserver, defacing all your sites with the hackers name. Now what?

You’re being proactive in protecting your business interests and have performed a vulnerability audit and discovered your systems are at significant risk. But how do you close those holes?

Our team is experienced in handling the security issues affecting todays online services, including websites, email, hosted services and cloud computing. We will implement a customized approach to patching your software and services, designing staff policies and training users on common security pitfalls & social engineering, mitigate exposed vulnerabilities and reduce your risk level to align with your business requirements and budget.