Managed IT Services

What’s the difference between a slow network and a fast network?

Nanotek Managed IT Services!

We monitor your network and proactively respond to incidents, while maintaining high system uptime resulting in greater staff productivity.


Comprehensive IT Service Management

As a Managed Service Provider, Nanotek offers many options for managing your IT resources effectively and efficiently, maximizing your investments in time, materials and technical support. We can manage your entire technology stack, supporting your users and interfacing with your vendors to providing a single point of contact for all issue resolution, we can provide 2nd or 3rd tier support escalation for issues that cannot be resolved with in-house expertise, or anything in between. Nanotek’s Managed IT Services look after any and every piece of your information technology landscape, and do so transparently and with accountability.

Nanotek’s holistic IT Service Management platform operates on the following key principles:

IT Support Management – Increase support staff productivity, reduce disruptions and stay aligned with business requirements. It’s all part of a comprehensive Service Desk Management solution that automates IT support processes. We support all manner of servers, desktops, mobile devices, network infrastructure, telephony, websites and online services.

Data Protection Solutions – Business data is very critical to every organization and to each user. Using a combination of tools and policies, Nanotek provides data protection solutions that can recover user and company data, not only in office, but while on the move as well.

Life Cycle Management – Today’s businesses require end-to-end solutions. Nanotek can provide these services which include procurement of laptops/desktops/printers/etc…, plan and rollout hardware refreshes, and perform system upgrades.

Third Party Management – Businesses today need to have one single-point-of-contact for managing all their technology vendors. Nanotek not only provides a single such IT support contact, but also ensures that third-party vendor agreements are leveraged and enforced by our team to achieve greater productivity.

IT Asset Management – Asset Management is imperative in helping organizations meet the challenges of compliance, business continuity planning and achieving higher levels of service. Our Asset Management Services help organizations in their financial and regulatory reporting, software license management, technology cost management and reduction, IT budgeting/planning and emergency preparedness and recovery.

Security and Configuration Management – As the world becomes more connected, security threats grow more sophisticated and widespread. Nanotek IT security and configuration management services ensure your IT assets have multiple layers of protection from numerous threats, and provides for consistent and auditable systems configuration.

Using our IT service management solutions, you can implement repeatable, measurable processes for defining, transitioning, delivering and supporting IT services and assets throughout their lifecycles. Our goal: to improve service quality, user satisfaction and staff efficiency while helping you maximize the business value of your resources. Nanotek helps you forget about IT headaches and frees you to pursue your business goals with a stable, managed IT foundation.


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