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Does your current IT provider treat your business like an afterthought? Are they really invested in your success? Do they provide real value or just cash your cheques?

Welcome to Nanotek IT Consulting Services – we only succeed when YOU are successful!


Nanotek IT Consulting and Solutions

Nanotek is an established IT consulting and IT solutions provider, offering a wide range of information technology solutions for new implementations, upgrading existing infrastructure and performing migrations of IT systems and services.

Whether it’s your servers, network, phones, devices, software or desktops, we can provide expert technical guidance for system upgrades, manage and perform the implementation, and provide post go-live technical support services.

Offering full service IT, Nanotek will liaise with your vendors and leverage our business partnerships to make sure that no problem is left unanswered, and we follow through on resolving IT issues until conclusion.

Nanotek is a registered Canadian-based business in Ontario, providing IT Consulting and IT Support Services to all of Canada and United States. Our head offices, consulting and support staff, hosting facilities and datacentres are all located in the Greater Toronto Area.

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IT Infrastructure Design & Deployment

Whether you’re looking to completely outsource your IT infrastructure design and implementation, or bring in outside expertise to help guide internal IT projects, our experienced network engineers have addressed many demanding business requirements in complex environments, while clearly communicating the impact and expected value resulting from the investment of time and money.

Significant planning and preparation goes in to running a successful business in today’s environment. Unfortunately, planning the technological foundation of your business is often underestimated. We can show you the common pitfalls and assumptions, and provide ways of mitigating or eliminating common network infrastructure and computer issues.

We design and deliver innovative IT solutions specific to your business, regardless if you have two users with Gmail accounts, hundreds of users with geographically distributed offices, or have a largely mobile workforce. From new IT initiatives to equipment updates and refreshes to network optimization, we can free you from concern about your system integrity and availability, while you focus on running your business.

Migrations and Upgrades

By migrating your old software, old hardware, and other old legacy products from end-of-life technologies to new state-of-the-art platforms, your IT infrastructure will benefit from improved integration capabilities, faster acceptance in the market and increased scalability. Workers will benefit from increased collaboration and secure access to data and services. Using our proven methodology, best practices and IT tools, we successfully migrate and reengineer customer legacy applications. We add value by providing contemporary, web-based graphical user interfaces for modernizing legacy systems with our in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies and third party tools. Our clients take advantage of our highly skilled offshore software development team at cost efficient rates.

Nanotek helps you re-evaluate the needs of your customers, re-architect your product according to those requirements and develop it using new, modern technologies that will enhance your customers’ experience. Turn to Nanotek’s engineers for an expert “tune-up” of your product — helping maximize performance while improving stability and usability.

Nanotek engineers can perform migrations of user data and applications for a vast array of IT initiatives, including server consolidation, infrastructure modernization and system security hardening. Successful past projects include:

• Migrating PHP/MySQL web service running on Linux to Windows-based platform

• Migrating open-source applications to proprietary vendor-supported solutions

• Upgrading messaging environments (MS Exchange, Mdaemon, Novell)

• Moving office locations between cities

• Network refreshes using a side-by-side deployment methodology

• Migrating from Open Directory to Microsoft Active Directory services

• Upgrading legacy storage to high-performance network storage

• Consolidating physical servers into virtual machines

• Modernizing network equipment for efficiency, throughput and scalability

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IT System Integration

Nanotek is a Canadian leader in IT systems integration consulting, resulting from decades of experience helping some of the world’s leading organizations with support from our skilled people. With a profound understanding of technology and our results-driven approach, Nanotek’s IT Integration Services helps businesses identify, install, manage and deploy technology changes within on-premises networks, data centers and extended IT environments.

Using a combination of modeled solutions, deployment services, trained engineers, and experienced IT project managers, we help businesses manage more. From complex IT integration, to the simple “start-up,” to orchestrating deep level configurations, it’s all possible. This enables businesses to focus on customers, innovation and operations, while we manage deployment from the beginning through to post-integration support.

Beyond basic plug and play, it’s important to mitigate risk and increase efficiency. Nanotek Integration Services is pivotal in providing optimal technology integration solutions that support your changing IT needs as your business grows.

IT Infrastructure & IT Service Optimization

Server taking a long time to reboot? Web pages hanging? Excel freezing when you open that large spreadsheet? Did you just buy a brand new server/switch/router, but see no improvements? Did you roll out a new web server only to find the user experience has gotten worse?

Our highly skilled network engineers can diagnose and resolve a wide range of performance issues, spanning user desktops, servers, applications, databases, file storage and many online IT services. We’ll help you get the most out of your IT investments, whether new or old.


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We have solved a range of issues, such as:

• Slow file access, saturated data networks, underperforming SAN/NAS storage devices

• Virtual environment performance and efficiency, including Hyper-V, VMware & XenServer

• Poor web browsing experience and resulting lost productivity

• Identifying abusers of corporate resources, limiting and/or monitoring user activities

• Slow logon times

• Delayed email delivery