NanoBackup Solutions

How quickly could you recover from a ransomware outbreak? Could your business ever recover from a total loss of all financial and customer documents?

Take advantage of Nanotek’s continuous backup & instant restore solutions to ensure your data is always protected!


Managed Disaster Recovery Planning & Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning is essential to the continued success of your organization. Every company needs a thorough contingency plan that ensures continuous business operations should any unforeseen, difficult or catastrophic event occur. Yet many organizations still ignore or put off this important planning because it seems overwhelming or expensive. Others have continuity plans but don’t realize they are grossly inadequate. Nanotek has a proven track record of guiding businesses in developing and updating a viable and affordable business continuity plan. Our strategy focuses on simplicity, efficiency and reliability throughout the process.

Nanotek Business Continuity Solutions will help you reduce or avoid revenue losses; protect your mission-critical data by leveraging our infrastructure and support services; reduce downtime and increase employee productivity; and enable you to resume business and employee activities more quickly and cost-effectively following a disaster or other unplanned interruption.


We believe that planning for the worst is better than hoping for the best!

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NanoBackup Key Features

Our proven Disaster Recovery Solutions enable fast response and turnaround times for file and computer restorations, with the ability to quickly boot up your servers in an offsite datacentre in the event of total disaster at your office, allowing for faster business resumption after a disaster. Here are some key features of the NanoBackup Solution:

Restore individual files and folders in mere minutes; restore entire servers onto the same or different hardware

Virtually boot your servers and continue working while physical hardware is serviced

Continuous image verification ensures that your backups aren’t corrupted

Lack of Disaster Recovery Planning

Can your company quickly recover from a physical or technical disaster, virus attack or a corrupted database?

  • A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin finds that 43% of U.S. businesses will not re-open after a disaster; of those that do reopen, 23% will close within 2 years
  • The U.S. Department of Labor states that 93% of companies suffering data loss are out of business in 5 years


You can manage and mitigate such risks with Disaster Recovery Planning. We’ll help you sleep better.

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