Data Protection Solutions

Fast Server Backup…With Even FASTER Recovery

At the simplest level, cloud computing is a way to consolidate all IT services (desktops, data, emails, VoIP, databases, etc…) in a centralized facility, and making those services available worldwide over the Internet to any connected user.

  •  Rapid recovery following server failure
  •  Restore files and folders to a specific POINT IN TIME
  •  Seamless migration from old equipment to new
  •  Constant verification and notification of backup status


Virtual Boot™ Technology

• Right click any Shadow Protect Server point-in-time backup image and automatically BOOT IT AS A VIRTUAL MACHINE
• Within minutes you can have your dead server back in production
• Continue to work while physical server is repaired


Granular Recovery for Exchange Environments

• Recover the entire mailbox or simply recover individual messages
• Powerful search tools allows precision querying of all archived email by sender, recipient, date, or keyword
• Compliance with regulatory bodies by archiving all mail flow


Server Imaging

Imaging your server is a critical step towards ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster or catastrophic failure. The imaging process captures a complete backup of your entire server including your operating system, applications, data, and settings. With our Universal Restore technology we can restore your server to dissimilar hardware.

This means your server could be restored and fully functional on another make or model of hardware within hours of the failure. This removes the worry and time of trying to procure similar and potentially problematic servers to restore your backups.

Offsite Backup

Local tape and disk backups just aren’t enough to secure your critical data and protect your company’s intellectual property. You need a FAST, SIMPLE, SECURE, and AUTOMATIC solution like NanoBackup to handle all your data protection needs. Simply contact us and you are on your way to protecting your critical data, communications, and financials while ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster.

In minutes you can be backing up your encrypted data to our secure server where we record every version change for 30 days up to 2 years.


Server Failover

There are certain servers and applications deemed mission critical that simply cannot fail under any circumstances. That is where server failover comes in. Not only do you have the peace of mind from the knowledge that your critical servers are protected, but also the reassurance that should your server become unresponsive, even for a second, that the failover server will kick in and assume the role of the primary server.

The process happens in less than a second for local servers and just slightly longer for remote/co-located servers. The switchover is instant and seamless to the end user.

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