BILD GTA: “When it came to IT solutions, we were quickly finding out that many of our sister associations were getting pushed around, and we certainly did not want this happening to us. The idea was quite simple: Find a solution provider who will work with us, rather than just for us. The world around us seems to be changing in terms of technology and we as an association needed someone to simply explain it to us in lamens terms. Nanotek has always done a great job of helping us to see the technological opportunities out there and how we can maximize it as a non-profit association. Simply put, we have found the solution provider who will work with us.”


SIMAC: “Knowing that Nanotek’s support is always there, ready to listen to SIMAC’s needs and immediately address any issues that arise, is a primary reason that Nanotek continues to earn our trust. Our entire network has become stabilized since Nanotek has taken over our IT infrastructure, Nanotek works with us as our IT partner and this provides us with great comfort.”


EnerQuality: “Nanotek has always been proactive and had our best interest in mind. They encouraged us to invest today for the future, allowing us to be prepared for the exponential growth we recently experienced. Nanotek has put together a very well integrated network system that allows Enerquality to function without any downtime, hence increasing our ability to get our work done!”


Daystar Financial Group:“Nanotek is an established end to end IT solutions company that could deliver the Cloud infrastructure we were looking for and had the features and automation we needed to meet our business timeline. We could rely on Nanotek to educate us, advise on network infrastructure, and to be available on short notice when needed. The Nanotek team has given us confidence that we are getting the advice we need to meet our growing network needs and rapid responses when issues arise.”